Dream Castle of Walt Disney Land

I'm in Germany driving to an 18th century castle!  

It was a terrible rainy day. It rained just once and for the whole day. Actually, my husband said it as we drove along in fog, rain, sleet and haze. None of this stopped us from heading to the beautiful castle in Germany that inspired the replica in Walt Disney Land. In fact, that wasn't even a second thought.  

Called Schloss Neuschwanstein, the castle was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria and the home to Richard Wagner (a German composer and theater director). It houses beautiful paintings, a grand piano and much more.  

The castle is only reachable part way by car. The rest is either on foot or the romantic way in an old historic horse and carriage ride. Now, I have to say it might have been until you sit with 10 other tourists, their children and at the front. Having a front row view of the scenery was also a front view of the horses asses who were blowing gas and taking a dump on the way. One father took a freak, which we thought was a bit over the top, because at the end of the day we are riding with a real animal not a machine. 

This father's reactions was like the many people who love the puppy but can't stand the shit. They love the package but don't like the work behind it. In the 'real' world we need to learn to take the bad with the good and the good with bad. That means the cow dung, the horse shit and all that other garbage, which is also by the way good nutrients for the soil makes the plants and flowers grow.  

This is how the castle looked when we were there. It was also under-construction 
Because of the fog it didn't look much like the picture below, which is an ariel shot. 
What an awesome scene, which is a picture of a picture (re: a poster). 

The Journey So Far

Life is an adventure and yoga is the greatest one of all. Here I share my love of Yoga, travel, practice and becoming a part-time cook. My life adventures have taken me from growing up in Toronto to living and working in South Korea to studying in India, marriage and finally closing my Yoga school of 15 years.

What I can say so far is that I truly believe that it is necessary in life to let go of one dream in order for another to be born. This might be painful to do so but it is the only way to move forward. We often believe that if our original plan does not succeed it is the recipe for failure. But what if it is the door to something new and great? The horizon is wide and life is not a straight line. This is the way I see it and my journey so far. Having also recently given birth to my first child and at 43, it is another new beginning.


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